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  • TV Wall Mounting

What's included with this service?

  • Installation of provider-supplied mounting bracket
  • Securing the TV and load testing the mount
  • Connecting TV to cable or satellite source
  • Cord concealment within wall (not power cord)

Where will I see cords after the service is completed?

Nowhere. This service includes both hiding the HDMI cords within your drywall, and also adding an outlet behind your TV. When the service is complete, you’ll have the look of your TV floating in place on your wall. Note: building codes prohibit power cords being simply tucked behind drywall, because that’s a fire hazard. Instead, we will use a Power Bridge cord management kit or other flat panel TV connection kit to add a power outlet behind your TV. To use the kit, we will typically need to locate your TV above an existing power outlet, drill into your drywall, and place the new outlet to the proper height so that it’s hidden behind your TV.

Do I have the right kind of walls for this service?

Homes with walls made of drywall are covered in this service. If you want your TV mounted on brick (such as on a fireplace) or steel (in an industrial loft), or if you have an older home with plaster and lath walls, you can purchase this service, but the work will be more complex and therefore more expensive. Make sure to tell us, before your appointment, if your walls aren’t drywall, to ensure they bring the correct tools, allocate the right amount of time for the work, and quote an accurate price.

What type of mounting bracket is included?

A standard mounting bracket is included in this service. If you’d like a swivel bracket or articulating bracket, those cost more than standard brackets, and we’ll be able to do an updated price estimate on the spot. Some people aren’t sure what type of bracket will work best for their space until our installers arrives, and that’s OK. Our team may be able to provide other types of brackets during your appointment and an updated price estimate based on the higher priced bracket.

Why should I get help mounting my flat-screen TV on the wall?

Flat-screen TVs are expensive, somewhat delicate, and surprisingly heavy. A professional installation will safeguard the investment you’ve already made in your TV, as well as safeguarding your back and your drywall. Also, our team can help you determine the best location for mounting, to help make your home theater as epic as possible.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

The TV isn’t included in this service. Please make sure you have the TV and its power cord on hand before you schedule the appointment. You should also provide the HDMI cord if you’d like your television to be connected to your cable, satellite, DVD player, or game system. If cables are missing, don’t worry, our team always carries all the necessary parts to complete the installation. When team arrives to mount your flat-screen to the wall, you’ll need to show him the wall where the TV goes, the appropriate outlet (directly below or behind your TV), and the accessories to be connected to the TV, like cable, satellite, DVD, or game systems.

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